Abergele...Scandal Hit Cllr Andrew Wood Illegally Tears Down Grade II Listed Castle Walls!

This man is currently under investigation by the ombudsman service and was also referred to them for another historical incident for which he was disciplined.

He has now been re-referred, and again has allegedly broken the law.





Now to do this should ensure he is removed, he knows full well that he cannot do this, and that he needs planning permission.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Significant damage has been made to a section of the Grade II listed boundary wall for I'm A Celebrity's Gwrych Castle here in Abergele. 
We were shocked to witness today Planning Committee member and owner of the land, Conwy Council's Councillor Andrew Wood, carrying out the demolition. 
This has been done without permission and has damaged a section of 200-year-old historic walling that forms part of the Grade II* Listed Parkland that surrounds Gwrych Castle.  
We walked over from our house to find part of the wall demolished and trenches dug into the listed parkland. Images are attached and were taken this evening.

How can an elected member who is fully aware of the planning process carry out such an act? Making unauthorized alterations to a listed building without Listed Building Consent is a criminal offense. 
This applies to the owner of a listed property, or anyone working on that property, and can result in prosecution.
We have reported the damage to the local planning authority, Cadw, and the Ombudsman. 
Cllr Wood has been involved with other alleged illegal activity by voting whilst driving on Zoom. He is a liability and should not be allowed to continue in office. 
(He should never have got into office)

Listed building consent

You will need to submit a heritage impact statement with your application for listed building consent, as well as detailed plans, so it is a good idea to get appropriate advice when preparing your proposals. Owners who take advice, gather evidence, make a well-informed heritage impact statement, and submit a well-documented application are often surprised at what changes can be approved. Being sensitive and imaginative in your approach can lead to achieving your aims without compromising your building’s significance.

If the local planning authority decides to grant you the listed building consent, we will normally be notified. Our role is to assess whether the local planning authority has had proper regard for the preservation of the listed building in coming to their decision, rather than comment on the merits of the proposal itself.

Naughty old Cllr Wood ignoring the law yet again!



  1. Why has this vile creature not been sacked?

  2. Woods is at it again! This piece of garbage should never have been allowed to be a Cllr. Also he hates the Castle and has set out to do all he can to cause problems and hurt to them. McCoubrey his brown nose pal should have sacked him, but I bet he wrote a secret letter of support.

  3. He knew exactly what he was doing

  4. He is just a piece of scum and will do anything to hurt the castle.

  5. I feel unclean when ever he is at council meetings that I attend!


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