Colwyn Bay...West End Medical Centre Prescription Drop Box Vandalised!

This picture appeared on the Colwyn Bay Notice Board a few days ago.

(I saw this tonight at about half 5 Saturday at West End Medical Centre gates.
In case anybody had posted a prescription today/last night before it was vandalized)

It is worrying that confidential information may have gone missing.

Here are some of the comments on the article, that delinquents are being blam, but also the surgery is running 10 days behind with prescriptions!

How low can you stoop to do this?

I give up! If this is kids doing this who the hell is bringing them up and schooling them? Not a lot of hope for the future is there?

Surely there are cameras there
The bay is getting worse

Awful. But irresponsible of surgery if I’m honest, whose stupid idea was it to put prescription boxes externally

 Exactly, no common sense whatsoever!

don’t understand why someone made the decision to put the boxes outside asking for trouble x 

 Of course, it is, sensitive and personal info should not be so easily accessible!

What are your thoughts?


  1. Yobs or Angry Patients????

  2. That has taken some force to do that, but what about the confidential information in the box?

  3. Still no news of our prescription, and if the surgery emptied the box prior to it being vandalised!


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