Conwy...Two Men Who fractured skull of victim spared jail!

How on earth can they be spared jail? Such a shocking outcome and a waste of the court and police's time.

Two men from Norwich ganged up on another man after having too much to drink during a night out in North Wales. Prosecutor Sion ap Mihangel told Caernarfon Crown Court that the men crossed paths in Lancaster Square, Conwy, and had been drinking since the early evening.

The victim, Richard Friar, was also out in town with his partner. He ended up "in a scuffle" with Norwich men Stephen Leggett, of St Margaret’s Drive, and Sam Morley, of Horns Lane, whom he did not know before the attack.

It was said that town center CCTV, which went on to capture the attack, showed that all of the men involved were at first pushing and shoving one another for about three minutes. However, things quickly escalated into serious violence.

The court heard how "something" was said to Mr. Friar, who at this point had removed his white t-shirt and was topless, which prompted him to look back at Legget and Morley. He is then punched by Morley, "with such force" that he dropped to the floor.

In his defenseless state, the Norwich men then began to kick Mr. Friar as he covered his face with his hands. These were aimed at the victim's head and torso, the court heard.

Both men left Mr. Friar lying on the concrete floor. It was later confirmed after he was taken to hospital via ambulance that he had suffered a fractured skull and jaw amongst other injuries.

The police, who had been contacted by town center CCTV operators, found a "very drunk" Legett, 36, and Moreley, 37, nearby. The court heard how the pair had been staying at a campervan in the quayside area.

When probed by the police, Legett stated he was "very drunk" at the time and couldn't remember much. Morley claimed he was acting in self-defense, the court heard.

Defending Morley, Sarah Badrawy told the judge how her client had a glowing reference from his ex-partner and the mother of his child about how he is without alcohol in his system. Having seen the footage "many times", he is "ashamed" of his actions that night but Ms. Badrawy notes that for much of the footage shown in court displayed that Morley was in fact trying to break up the confrontation at first but sadly got swept up in the heated exchange.

Representing Legett, Simon Rogers accepted that his client behaved "shamefully" that night and it was "entirely out of character". He went on to refer to the fact that a brief stint in prison would have an impact on Legett's teenage son he is bringing up alone.

Both Morley and Legett were spared from going behind bars. For inflicting grievous bodily harm without intent, Legett's sentence of 16 months was suspended for 18 months whilst Morley's 21-month sentence for affray will hang over his hand for the full period of the order and he must also complete a rehabilitation activity over 25 days.

Judge Nicola Saffman said that the men, who were weeping in the dock, would benefit far more from probation service intervention than a short spell in prison. The judge added that she had "no pity" for the "despicable" things the men did that night but could see that they both are "utterly ashamed" of their actions.



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