Llandudno...Delinquent Teenagers banned from Asda supermarket in town.

So in the last few weeks delinquents have broken into a hotel, tried to rob people with broken glass, and more, and now this! 

Just what on earth is going on?

THE Asda supermarket in Llandudno has banned children under the age of 16 in an effort to ‘protect’ customers and staff members.

Children under the age of 16, unless accompanied by an adult, are banned from the site in a move the supermarket giant said was a “temporary” measure.

It follows a recent increase in anti-social behavior in and around the store, including the removal of items from shelves and problems with security staff at the Conway Road site.

Although the move is only temporary, an Asda spokesperson said this was a “last resort”, and that the store was working with the community and police to find a more permanent solution.

An Asda spokesperson said: “Banning any customer from our store is always a last resort, and the temporary measures in place at our Llandudno store are there to protect our customers and colleagues which is always our top priority.

“We are working closely with local communities and the police to understand how we can move forwards and reduce the level of anti-social behavior in our store and the wider community.”

Children accompanied by an adult can still enter, but individuals or groups of children under the age of 16 will not be permitted access.



  1. What the hell is happening in Llandudno?

  2. They need to get armed guards in place and do us all a favour when the delinquents turn up


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