Llandudno...Girl, 14, assaulted by up to 15 other people at Trinity Avenue!

This is shocking, however, delinquent behavior has become a major out-of-control problem in the town over the last few months if not longer.

The question is, what is being done about it? Dispersal orders are clearly not working.

A TEENAGE girl was assaulted by up to 15 other females in Llandudno on Monday (March 20).

This was at roughly 6pm, by the Mowbray Road and Trinity Avenue area of the town.

Many of those who assaulted the girl, who is aged 14, were wearing school uniforms, while many people were said to have filmed the incident.

Police have appealed for further information on the matter.

A North Wales Police spokesperson said: “At approximately 6pm on March 20, there was an incident around the Mowbray Road/Trinity Avenue area of Llandudno.

“A 14-year-old girl was assaulted by up to 15 other girls; most of them were in school uniform. 

“Many individuals there filmed this incident.

“If anyone has any information on this incident, please call 101 and quote 23000237161.”



  1. Llandudno is getting really rough these days, what with drugs, sex offenses and crime and now child crime!

  2. Poor girl, I hope she will be okay.

  3. Poor girl, god Llandudno sinks to yet another new low.

  4. I bet nothing will happen to the garbage children who did this.


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