Llandudno...Maintenance work on the Grand Hotel starts

Above the Grand in its prime. It is great to hear that restoration work has begun. I cannot believe some of the fools stating that it needs to be demolished! 

All that would replace it would be a nice block of OAP flats, which Llandudno needs like a hole in the head!

 WORK has begun on the Grand Hotel in Llandudno, with a revamp of the building exterior underway.

Town residents spotted workers adjusting and updating the signage, but it is not known if this is all that will be done to the hotel.

A ten-year regeneration plan for the town has proposed a public/private partnership to buy and operate the hotel and restore its once-brilliant reputation.

Many residents have called for the building to be replenished for several years, with some believing it should be demolished altogether.he Grand Hotel is being renovated. Photo: Adge Lane (Image: Adge Lane)

With a Tripadvisor rating of three stars, the Grand Hotel is currently the worst-rated hotel in Llandudno, sitting at 53rd place on the travel website.

The hotel has more than 700 'terrible' reviews on the website.

It is owned by hotel chain Britannia Hotels, which was named the UK's worst hotel chain for the tenth consecutive year by Which? back in November 2022.

Llandudno Town Council and councilors in the area have been approached for comment.

Britannia Hotels was also approached for comment.



  1. This stunning hotel should be restored to its former glory

  2. Its a stunning building that just needs to be loved


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