Llandudno...Why Would Anyone Steal Dog Waste Bag Dispensers?

I bet you any money some delinquents tore the dispenser down and there it in the sea for fun like they do with the Liferings and the Defibulators! We share this planet with some very sad people.

A WOMAN and her family have taken matters into their own hands after dog poo bag dispensers in Rhos-on-Sea were stolen.

Fiona Davidson and her children noticed that “every single dispenser was missing along the prom by the beach”, and replaced up to 12 dispensers with bags inside.

“On the prom, sadly every plastic container has gone, but we haven’t checked the Eirias side yet,” Fiona told the Pioneer.

“Lots have had the entire lot of poo bags taken out.

“One just pulled out and left on the street, I would say I have replaced 12 so far and most of the bags inside.

“Thankfully many compliments and offers of help and dog owners who appreciate this.”

Fiona and her children went about replacing the poo bag dispensers, and have now appealed to the community to fund for more dispensers, with Fiona trying to set up a GoFundMe page.

She added: “We did this to predispose the council complaining about dog poo - rather than just moan, the children and myself decided to be proactive.

“It appears, sadly, someone doesn’t like them on the prom though.

“Despite the disappointment of some being stolen, I met lots of lovely people who thanked us.”



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