Petition, Please Sign And Share...Make calling for Jihad a specific terrorist offence

It should be a crime and so should attacking Poppies and Sacred Memorials and chanting hate.


Create a law to make calling for Jihad during protests a specific terrorist offence. We believe doing so incites hatred and contributes to antisemitism.

It appears that the current law makes it difficult for police to arrest and prosecute people for doing this. We believe the Government needs to amend current legislation to create a specific offence for this. This is an urgent matter.

We believe that using this language is inspiring antisemitism and terrorism and while people are not arrested for this, we are all at risk. We must do more to protect our Jewish friends and neighbours, and also protect our communities.

Thank You.


  1. Jihad can means different things depending on the situation and who is calling for it. Very difficult to legislate.


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