Rhos...Block Of 18 Carbuncle Flats Set To Blight Promanade!

More flats and how many will be affordable? Also, they are calling this replica mess Art Deco! Art Deco had class and did not look cheap like this. 

Just around the corner, there are three more, all done in the same nasty style! Still in fairness the area is a dump with no heritage assets there. so what is there to ruin!



  1. What an ugly pile of crap! It matches three or four other blocks of flats in Rhos that try and copy a cheap, fake Art Deco theme, this block of flats looks like something the council would build.

  2. Ewww! What an ugly Carbuncle! What happened to people who once built beautiful buildings? Oh I guess they all died and did not pass on the talents and skills they had, hence building cheap crap like this!


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