Llandudno....Evans Hotel hotel proposed to house some of Conwy's homeless residents!

I wonder if they will be taking homeless Migrants as well? Once a migrant has been granted a period of Asylum, they lose their Hotel status and are moved over to the homeless department! Also Mount Stewart In Rhos On Sea, The Golf Club in Penrhyn Bay and The Travelodge in Colwyn Bay are all taking homeless people! But on a more serious note the hotel industry is in serious decline and this will become the norm as homeless are moved into struggling hotels, and also as more migrants pour in. I wonder in Labours open border policy (if they win) will make things even worse?  A HOTEL in Llandudno could be used to house homeless residents based in the county of Conwy.

The Evans Hotel, on Charlton Street, is being considered by Conwy County Borough Council as a possible location for those who are homeless to reside.

It comes following a letter, seen by the Pioneer, from the hotel, stating that it has agreed to help the council with its housing crisis, and will no longer be offering packages including evening meals. In May, it was revealed by the council’s cabinet member for housing, homelessness and service change, Cllr Emily Owen, that the number of children living in bed and breakfast accommodation in Conwy has reduced in the last year from 90 to 24.

A council statement read: “Homelessness is becoming increasingly common throughout the UK. 

"Conwy County Borough Council has a statutory duty to provide temporary accommodation to those who find themselves homeless.

“Due to the housing crisis and the volume of people who are currently at risk of becoming homeless, this means we are having to use some bed and breakfasts and hotels throughout the county while we work with those experiencing homelessness to secure a more permanent solution.

“We are exploring whether the Evans Hotel is one of the hotels where we could book rooms. 

“We understand the hotel is still open to the public and running as a hotel.”

The Evans Hotel was also approached for comment. From https://www.northwalespioneer.co.uk/news/24412759.llandudno-hotel-house-conwys-homeless-residents/


  1. It will be full of homeless migrant men who are used to marrying children of 6 within a blink of an eye!

  2. Child abusing migrant here they come!

  3. Migrants, migrants and more migrants!


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